Second-hand bike shops

Old bike

If you’re looking for a second-hand bike, a good place to start is an independent bike shop. It’s likely they’ll have a range of refurbished second-hand bikes for sale.

When you buy from a bike shop you can be sure that the bikes will have been repaired and refurbished to a high standard by a professional bike mechanic.  Find your closest shop on the map below.

Get it fitted

  • Make sure that the bike is correctly fitted for you before you take it away
  • Saddle height should allow for your leg to be almost fully extended on the lowest position of the pedal
  • Handlebars should be about level with the saddle, but may be adjusted up or down so it’s comfortable for you. It should never be raised above the ‘minimum height’ mark on its stem
  • If the bike has a crossbar, you should have a couple of inches clearance between your groin and the bar; probably slightly more for a mountain bike
  • Avoid buying a bike that is too big for you as it won’t be comfortable or easy to ride, if necessary go slightly smaller

Forgotten anything?

  • Don’t forget to try it out before you buy, even if it’s just around the shop
  • Check that you have all the accessories you need – will your pump fit your new tyre valves? Can you lock it up securely?
  • Ask if they’ll give you a warranty on it

Find a second-hand bike shop

  • Find a place to buy from on the map below.
  • If your budget is limited, it’s also worth checking out some of the charitable bike recycling schemes.



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