Emergency repair kits

Puncture in the rain? Far from home? Help is at hand with FREE Emergency Cycle Repair Kits available for anyone to use at over 40 community venues across Bristol.

The kits contain basic repair items, like a bike pump, puncture repair kits, spare parts, tools and emergency lights, to help keep you safe and on the road.

You use the necessary items, there and then, and return the kit ready for the next cyclist in need.

How it works

  • Find your local Emergency Cycle Repair Kit locations on the map below
  • Be prepared – it’s good to know in advance where the kits are, in relation to your regular routes
  • Kits are located in public buildings, such as, libraries, community centres and leisure centres
  • They’re accessible only during the venues’ normal opening hours
  • Posters in the building will advertise the kit’s location, which is usually at the reception desk
  • Some venues may ask for a small deposit or a form of ID which will be returned to you when you give back the kit
  • Kits are not to be removed from the venue. You may need to fix your bike outside if there is not enough space inside, but check with the venue first.

Emergency Cycle Repair kit locations

The Emergency Cycle Repair Kits have been issued by Better By Bike in partnership with Sustrans – providing practical help to cyclists.

Download ‘Emergency repair kit – located here’ poster