Mobile repairs & services

Bike mechanic

If you don’t have the time or a practical way of getting your bike to a bike shop for repair, then a mobile mechanic is the answer!

Mobile mechanics offer a flexible, hassle-free service; they can fix most faults and charge less than a large bike shop as they have fewer overheads to cover.

Here are some of your service options:

  • Pick up and drop off
    You specify a convenient time, date and location for your bike to be picked up.  Then, they come and take it away to repair and/or service it on their own premises.  When it’s ready, you arrange for it to be dropped off, again at your convenience.  Easy!
  • House calls
    Some mechanics are happy to come to your home to fix minor repairs and install replacement parts (check first to see if you need to supply these).
  • Workplace servicing
    Mobile mechanics often provide services for employees in the workplace, usually subsidised in full or in part by the employer.  A good work benefit for any cyclist – so ask your employer about it!
  • Pop-up servicing
    Watch out for Dr Bike Surgeries!  These pop-up servicing sessions are arranged by local schools, businesses, community groups or event organisers. They specialise in getting neglected bikes back on the road.  An experienced bike mechanic will perform some simple safety checks, make minor repairs and advise you on anything more serious that may need attention.

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