Users of the Bristol Family Cycling Centre can bring their own bike or try one of ours (subject to sizing and availability).

We have a wide range of bikes at the Centre, including:

  • Standard two-wheeled bikes for children and adults
  • Children’s balance bikes
  • A Platform bike – for wheelchair users
  • A Wheelchair bike – a regular bike with a wheelchair attached
  • Side-by-side tandem bikes for two – for those with visual impairment or not confident with steering and braking
  • A double-hand cycle for two and single-hand cycles – for those who have difficulty using pedals
  • A Quad cycle – a fixed pedal, low speed very stable bike
  • Recumbent tricycles – more stable than regular trikes, with added back support
  • Tricycles – large, medium and small 3-wheelers
  • Tiny trikes – suitable for younger children, one with back support
  • Tagalong trikes – for children to be attached to an adult bike in front
  • And many more! If in doubt, contact us.

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