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Renegade Slalom

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Date: Wednesday 9 July, 2014, 18:00 - 20:00

Venue: Ashton court

Address: Bristol, BS41 9JN United Kingdom

Cost: £2

The hidden benefits of foreplay: make it go wild for you!


Women love foreplay. This is no secret. While some guys do as well, that many of us (let’s be honest here) tend to make foreplay as a requirement, whereas what they really want is to go directly to sex. However, there are a lot of benefits to foreplay, and some of them are so good that they will make you want to reconsider that position. These are some of the main reasons why you’ll want to try again foreplay.


Reason # 1: You’ll last longer.


Most guys (if you’re being 100% honest) could do with a few more minutes before the main event ends with fireworks. If you are connecting with a girl and you know that you have some kind of trigger happening, whether every day or only today, in general, not just push inward and off like a light -there best ways to do this.


Instead, slow down. Take time to appreciate having a woman in bed with you, because you never know when it will change. By the time you’ve spent several minutes all about it, it is likely to be quiet enough to show her just what you have instead of ashamed.


Reason # 2: You’ll have better sex.


For boys, the sex begins when they come inside. For girls, sex begins when your skin touches skin, even if it is only the lips. While there are many women who love the idea of ​​skipping right to the feature presentation, there are many more who want to enjoy themselves properly before that. The more became a woman is, the more it will be wet, and her vulva and lips begin to swell. This makes it a sensitive portion of hell and more excited about what you’re doing. A girl who is excited and wet for you is one that you’ll enjoy having sex.


Reason # 3: You learn a lot.


Unless you have a huge steady stream of women coming through your apartment, you’re definitely in need of some lessons about how to treat a lady, because that kind of thing does not depend on your experience. Every woman is different. However, most of them are quite similar, when it comes to knowing how women (on average) like to be touched and treated. It will give you a great idea about how to make love with the woman in the future.


Foreplay is not just the act of departure, even though it may feel like it. Foreplay can lead to great extreme sex between you and your girlfriend, if given a chance. learning about the woman’s body will also meet and have better sex and last longer in the sack. Really, what else could a woman ask for?

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