More than 3,000 people take part in the Travelwest Commuting Challenge

Published on 04/07/2017

With the Challenge halfway through, almost 40,000 journeys have been logged on the Travelwest Commuting Challenge website.

So far, participants in the Big Commuting Challenge have saved over 23,000 kilograms of CO2! The annual Big Commuting Challenge is an opportunity to try a new way to get to work while engaging in a bit of friendly competition. The Challenge is West of England-wide, with 160 workplaces taking part so far.

Every week, prizes have been given out to enthusiastic commuters and to the best photos – as well as to those that invite their friends to the Challenge. This week’s prize is a £50 cinema voucher. There’s almost £2,000 of prizes to be won, as well as great rewards you can redeem after you’ve logged some journeys.

The Challenge has another three weeks to go, and there’s plenty of close races in the leaderboards. In the largest workplace category, UWE and Aviva are very close – while Ultrahaptics and Alec French Architects are neck-and-neck in the small-medium category.

You can register for the Challenge at and sign up with your workplace as part of the sign-up process.