Bike Life Bristol 2017


Published on 07/12/2017

“Bristol has built a name for itself as being a cycling city. Statistics suggest Bristol has very high levels of walking and cycling to work compared to most other large cities in the UK.

“Not only does cycling have great health benefits, keeping us active and improving our air quality by reducing the number of cars, it also has social and economic benefits.”

– Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol



Developing Bike Life in Bristol

baldwin-st-bristolBristol City Council has been developing a dedicated cycling route from the Bath to Bristol Path into the centre of Bristol. A two-way dedicated cycle track along the length of Baldwin Street will complete a traffic-free link across the city centre from Castle Park to College Green.

Cobble sets have been flattened and the pedestrian pathway widened in Castle Park so that cycling is more comfortable whilst preserving the historic environment.

Stories from Bristol

Caroline Bannister, Deputy General Manager South Bristol Community Hospital

“Two members of our Early Supported Discharge (ESD) team came to me with the idea of trialling e-bikes to make home visits to stroke patients recently discharged from the hospital. Bristol City Council provided us with two e-bikes to trial for six months. The bikes proved to be such a success that after three months we secured the use of three more.

“Every member of the ESD team is now using the e-bikes. This means we’re putting fewer cars on roads for short local journeys, and the journey times are proving to be the same or even less than by car. It’s better for the environment and it’s saving the hospital time and money.”

Bike Life Bristol in pictures

26 million trips made by bike in Bristol in the past year

In Bristol there are 75 miles of routes physically separated from vehicles

In Bristol 12% of residents cycle at least 5 times a week

58% of Bristol residents’ cycle trips are for work or education

Bristol residents cycle almost 10 times around the world every day

72% of residents would like to see more investment in cycling in Bristol

How far have we come?

Download the Bike Life Bristol 2017 report (pdf)

Download the Bike Life Bristol 2015 report (pdf)

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