Essential structural work to be undertaken on Prince Street Bridge

Published on 29/07/2015

Bristol City Council is due to commence undertaking essential structural refurbishment works to Prince Street Bridge, commencing work on Monday 17th August 2015. It is estimated at this stage that the duration of the works is likely to be about 6 months.

The intention is to swing the bridge off into the fully “open position” to allow the Contractor to remove the existing surfacing and decking and to then replace or refurbish corroded cross beams, where necessary.

Whilst these bridge repair works are being undertaken the bridge will therefore not be able carry any motor vehicular traffic. However, Bristol City Council will construct a 3 meter wide temporary footbridge with suitable approach ramps and landings.

This temporary scaffolding footbridge will bridge the gap and span the water and will allow pedestrians and cyclists to cross over from Prince Street to Wapping Road in both directions.

An indicative layout of the temporary scaffolding footbridge is shown below.


The intended programme of works will essentially follow this planned sequence, although this may be subject to change dependent on what is encountered on site on the bridge:

Draft Programme and Key Dates

  • 17 Aug Close Prince Street to all motor vehicular traffic and agreed diversion signs erected.
  • 17 Aug Divert pedestrians and cyclists onto Eastside carriageway of Prince Street Bridge.
  • 17 Aug Set up agreed site compound area with suitable security fencing and signage.
  • 18 Aug Scaffolding contractor to begin works on erection of temporary scaffolding bridge.
  • 18 Aug Main contractor to begin removal of anti-slip surfacing on Westside carriageway.
  • 19 Aug Other works ongoing (including scaffolding erection) until 28th September.
  • 28 Sept Divert Pedestrians and Cyclists across new temporary scaffolding bridge.
  • 28 Sept Prince Street Bridge taken out of operation and swung to the fully open position.
  • 29 Sept Main Contractor begins work on Prince Street Bridge for 6 months.

Bristol City Council believe that the works should take about 6 months to complete, although until they actually remove the old decking and timbers, they will not know the exact extent of works required, but the intention is to have the bridge back in operation by early April 2016.

Published: 30/07/2015