Final round of bike hangars get installed in Bristol

Published on 31/10/2018

Bristol City Council has recently installed the final phase of bike hangars across the city in a bid to encourage people to get on their bikes more by installing a safe and cheap alternative for people who lack space in their homes to store their bikes.

Bristol’s first bike hangar was installed in April 2015 by a group of Windmill Hill residents and was a community-led initiative. Since then more funding has been secured to provide 15 hangars across the city.

A bike hangar is a covered, lockable and secure pod which sits on the road. It takes up about the same amount of space as a parked car and can hold up to 6 bikes securely, making end-to-end journeys more convenient for people living in houses without room to store a bike.

There is a small annual rental charge to hire a space in a bike hangar, part of a membership renewable each year.

Helen, an Eldon Terrace resident said:

“We have no front gardens or garages on the street and I used to have to carry my bike up a steep flight of steps to my front door every day. This was hard work and not good for my back. I share a car with my neighbour, so I need easy access to get my bike out for lots of journeys around Bristol.”

Kim, an Eldon Terrace resident said:

“My husband is cycling nearly every day now. He used to leave it to the last minute, and then have to jump in the car to go to work as we didn’t have enough space to easily access our bikes. We’ve also both discovered a lot more of the city now that we are using the bikes more often to get around.”

Future plans

The budget available for on-street cycle hangars has now been fully allocated. Bristol City Council does not currently have funds available to deliver any more sites around the city than those already announced.

In the meantime, Bristol City Council is keeping a list of the people who have already contacted the Council either to inquire about having a cycle hangar installed in their neighbourhood.

Visit Travelwest for more information.