Take part in a groundbreaking electric bicycle commuting project

Published on 22/06/2018

Save time, money and get fit!

Travelling short distances to Bath can often be as quick, or quicker, by bike than car – and you don’t need to pay for fuel or car parking when you get there. It’s also a great way to get exercise as part of your daily routine, without having to spend extra time or money down the gym.

The Ride to Work by Bike project aims to encourage commuters in Bath to switch to cycling to work in preference to commuting short distances by car. The focus of this initiative is electric bikes (ebikes) in order to reduce the barriers to people who are put off cycling by Bath’s hilly terrain, or consider themselves too unfit, or perhaps too old, to commute by bicycle.

Set up under the umbrella of community sustainability organisation Transition Bath*, and in consultation with B&NES Council and the University of Bath, the Ride to Work project plans to target small-to-medium sized workplaces within Bath, and employees of all ages, sizes, fitness and cycling ability – or lack of! Free road safety cycle training will be offered as part of the comprehensive support package.

Good for your business, good for your staff

Now recruiting Bath businesses and organisations to participate in Ride to Work by Bike, a local community project starting summer 2019 – improve your employees’ health and reduce local congestion.

We are looking for Bath-based workplaces to provide approximately 10 employees each to take part in this pioneering – and free – electric bicycle commuting scheme, an independent, grant-funded project.

Participating organisations can benefit greatly from this project, both financially (through savings on staff parking, business mileage and increased productivity thanks to better health and wellbeing) and from a CSR angle.

You will also make a real difference to your local environment by helping to reduce congestion and therefore improve air quality within Bath.

The project will target a number of workplaces within Bath. Each organisation will be loaned – for free – high-quality electric bicycles for a number of employees who currently drive to work (about 6 miles or under), for a period of 6 weeks. Support (including free panniers, lights and locks plus a cycle buddying scheme) will be given to help participants fully experience the convenience and benefits of cycling to work, and maximise the chances of them making the switch to cycling permanent.

The objectives of this project are twofold:

  • Improve participants’ health and wellbeing, both short-term fitness and emotional health gains plus long-term health benefits
  • Reduce local pollution and congestion

Get in touch!

Email info@ridetowork.bike by 16 July 2018 to register your interest. Questions welcome!

For more info visit Ride To Work