Royal Crescent Parks and Pulteney Bridge Loop

Pulteney Bridge

Ability lvl:


Approx. Time:

1 - 2 hrs


4.1 miles

Highlights: Royal York Crescent, Parks and Pulteney Bridge.


A: Bath Abbey is on your left as you ride out from Orange Grove towards Cheap Street and through the pedestrianised shopping
area of the city.

B: Passing the Theatre Royal on your left you will go through the bollards and then over the footpath to reach Queen Square – known for its food festivals and boules tournaments.

C: Georgian Architecture is most famously displayed at the Circus and as you continue west to the Royal Crescent. Cross the pavement at the end of the Crescent to drop down Marlborough Buildings to Royal Victoria Park.

D: Enter and circle Royal Victoria Park, including the Botanical Gardens, before cycling along Royal Avenue towards town.

E: Two left turns and a right out of Victoria Park will see you at the top of Milsom Street, a paradise of Georgian architecture, shops, cafés and restaurants.

F: Continue around Grand Parade passing the weir and turning left onto North Parade where you will cross the river and pass the
Bath Rugby Ground.

G: Pulteney Road is more heavily trafficked than central Bath so take care as you cross the roundabout at the Holburne Museum.

H: Great Pulteney Street has featured in many period costume dramas.

I: Pulteney Bridge cannot be crossed by private car, but bikes are OK! This bridge has also featured in many films. On the corner ahead is the Victoria Art Gallery.

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