Castle Combe Loop

Castle Combe

Ability lvl:


Approx. Time:

3 - 4 hours


30 miles

Follow rural roads to cycle through the beautiful countryside around Thornbury and through the quaint villages situated along the Severn Estuary Valley.

  • Castle Combe has been named as one of the prettiest villages in England. The Normans built a castle over the Roman fort in the village which has since fallen into ruin and now only the earthworks remain.
  • Castle Combe is a popular setting for filming and can be seen in the 1966 ‘Doctor Doolittle’, and more recently ‘Stardust’ and The Wolf Man’.
  • The name Pucklechurch is said to have originated from he early British (Celtic) and Anglo-Saxon interest in the supernatural. The word ‘Puca’ means goblin and the area was hought to have been the home of elves and goblins. On 26th May 946, Edmund King of England was stabbed to death by a local thief when attending a banquet in Pucklechurch.
  • Along the route is Dyrham Park, a National Trust site, including a beautiful 17th century home and deer park set in the glorious Cotswold countryside.

We would like to acknowledge the work of CTC in creating this route.

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