Portishead to Bristol

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A mix of on-road and traffic-free paths from Portishead to Bristol, via Pill or Portbury.

The path follows Sustrans signed route 26 out of Portishead and meets route 41 outside Pill. The path continues to Bristol along the banks of the River Avon however this route can be muddy, particularly in winter.

A faster and more suitable option for road bikes is to turn off route 41 after Pill and join the shared-use footpath that runs along the side of the A369.

The alternative route through Portbury follows Sustrans route 334 along quiet country lanes. However, these are hilly in places. This route also joins the shared-use path on the A369 at Abbots Leigh.

To reach Bristol, there’s the option of turning off the A369 to cross the suspension bridge into Clifton or cycling through the Aston Court Estate.