Ring Road Loop

Ability lvl:


Approx. Time:

1.5 - 2.5 hours


8.2 miles

A surprising and enjoyable ride around the ring road, through the delights of Oldbury Court and along a section of the Bristol & Bath Railway Path.

  • A chocolate factory used to be located in the middle of a triangle of tracks at Mangotsfeld Station, so that when a train passed on one section you could not see it, but the acoustics made it sound like it was passing in front of you. This was the inspiration for the play The Ghost Train, written by Arnold Ridley later of Dad’s Army fame.
  • This section of the existing ring road was the last to be completed as it was delayed by various objections. This meant that for a number of years in the late 1990s there were two separate sections with a gap in the middle!
  • Until the 1990s the site of Emersons Green was open farmland.
  • Frenchay has the feeling of a village within a city. There is open common land, a beautiful church and a lovely pub on the common to stop and take a rest.
  • Oldbury Court Estate has a history stretching back to Domesday times. The house attached to the estate existed until the 1940s when it was demolished.
  • The tunnel is 0.3 miles long and can feel cold and damp even on a warm summers day. Don’t worry, it is lit along its full length!