Severnvale Loop


Ability lvl:


Approx. Time:

3 - 4 hours


27 miles

Follow rural roads to cycle through the beautiful countryside around Thornbury and through the quaint villages situated along the Severn Estuary Valley.

  • The Medieval St Andrew’s Church in Cromhall was originally built in the 13th or 14th century, however it is believed that there was an earlier Cromhall church. The history for this church is vague but it is known that there was a Christian presence during the Dark Ages when the Cromhall hermit traditionally lived in a crude cell at Abbotside where many old ruins still exist.
  • Cromhall’ is derived from the Old English words ‘crumb’ and ‘halh’ meaning bent and a nook or corner of land. It is ikely that this refers to the crooked course of the stream at the west of the church, almost enclosing the land where the early settlement may have been built.
  • As you pass through Tytherington, keep an eye out for New House Farm. As part of a community project, the owner of New House Farm invited 26 families to plant their own tree in his orchard which was already home to two pear trees which are a hundred years old.

We would like to acknowledge the work of CTC in creating this route.