Stoke Gifford Loop

Bristol Parkway Station

Ability lvl:


Approx. Time:

3 - 4 hours


31 miles

Take in the idyllic sights of South Gloucestershire, cycling through numerous towns and villages including Chipping Sodbury, Tytherington and Wickwar past beautiful views and nature reserves.

  • The town of Stoke Gifford is home to Parkway Railway Station. Parkway was built in the 1970s to give Bristol a station on the South Wales to London railway. In 2001 a new building opened, making Parkway the modern building that it is today. The station offers fast trains and a large car park for the growing population in North Bristol.
  • In 946 the village of Westerleigh was given to monks to pray for the soul of King Edmund who was killed in Pucklechurch. At this time it is likely that Westerleigh was simply a clearing with a church but it was recorded in the Doomsday book. Westerleigh has since grown into a prosperous village.
  • In January, 1987, gas was smelt in Wickwar High Street. The local residents were evacuated and the next day the gas main under the High Street exploded. One house was destroyed and another 2 damaged but no one was seriously hurt. It is thought the heavy quarry lorries travelling down the High Street cause the pipes to crack. Heavy vehicles are now banned from the High Street.
  • Just above the village of Cromhall is the Bloody Acre Camp; a Hillfort named after a Civil War massacre but dating much further back and evidence of a Roman villa has been found at the site. This fort is now covered in woodland but the main defences, steep slopes and ditches can still be seen. It is best accessed from Gambril Lane which connects Falfield to Cromhall.