Thornbury Shorter Ride Loop

Ability lvl:


Approx. Time:

2.5 - 3 hours


10.8 miles

Ride through the rural surroundings of Thornbury, through Oldbury-on-Severn and Rockhampton.

    • A ride through the edge of Thornbury Town Centre and out into the countryside, along mostly wide rural roads and through pretty villages with glimpses of the Severn and finishing back in Thornbury past the picturesque St Marys church.
    • Thornbury was a prosperous Medieval town renowned for its cloth industry and became a market town in the eighteenth century up until the 1950/60s. Market days are still held every Thursday and Saturday.
    • Thornbury Castle was built over previous manor buildings. Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckinghamshire, started building the existing castle in 1507. It was not completed until 1521 as Henry VIII had the Duke sentenced to death for high treason. In 1535, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn stayed in the castle.

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