Shared-use paths

Keep you and others safe by following a few basic rules

Shared paths are used by people of all ages. They provide a great way to move around traffic-free areas, so it is important to make the experience as quiet and relaxing as possible to everyone.

As a cyclist, it is important that you keep in mind that these paths are not for high speeds. If you would like to ride faster, or do some fitness training, we recommend you use quiet roads instead.

Here are a few basic rules for cycling on a shared-use path:

  • Give way to pedestrians and wheelchairs
  • Give horse-riders plenty of room
  • Be courteous and patient with slower users
  • Slow down if you cannot see clearly ahead
  • Be careful at junctions, bends and access points. These can be ‘blind spots’ and people, including children, could appear without warning
  • Keep to your side
  • Use your bell to warn potential unaware users of your approach
  • Take into consideration that some people might be hard of hearing or visually impaired
  • Be sure to use lights and hi-vis clothing in dark conditions or bad weather so other path users can see you