Bike seats and trailers for children

Buying the right equipment guarantees a safe and pleasant family experience

Child seats

You can use these for toddlers from around 12 months old, when they can support their head with a helmet on. Be sure to use padded headrests, straps and seat to make the journey more comfortable.

  • Rear-mounted seat: cost effective, widely used and some come with a reclining option for resting or sleeping. The only problem with this kind of seat is that you can’t easily talk to your toddler, and you’ll also be obscuring their view
  • Front-mounted seat: this option makes it easier for you to talk to your toddler, and easier for them to see where they are going. It is also easier to get on or off your bike with this option, but its position might affect your steering and balance


Most trailers can be used for toddlers from around 12 months old, when they can support their head. You will find a summary of options below.

  • Single and double versions
  • Fully waterproof; sun nets also included
  • With room to carry shopping
  • Some options can be used as buggies and cross country strollers
  • Can sometimes be difficult to carry up and down stairs
  • Require storage space
  • Cheaper versions tend to be heavier

Tag-along trailer bike

Tag-alongs can be attached to any bike, children seat on a half child’s bike that is attached to the back of an adult bike. Your child can pedal or just relax and enjoy the ride.