A local council funded scheme to help keep you on your bike.

Across South Gloucestershire there are a network of Emergency Bike Repair Kits available to the general public. The locations of these are shown below as well as the times when the EBRK’s are accessible to the public at each site.  

The kits contain lots of useful items including tyre patch kits, tyre levers, lights and valves. If you get a puncture in South Gloucestershire you now know where to go to have a speedy return back to the road!

Case studies

It makes me feel much more comfortable cycling to work as I know the support is there if I need it

What a great idea! I’ll be looking that out if I need it!’

Wow – they’ve thought of everything… love that there are lights in case I forget and need to borrow them to get home’

Map of locations


Example of the contents in an Emergency Repair Kit. Note: some parts may not be available due to usage.

Photo of contents of emergency repair kit box - including pump, puncture repair kits etc