If you’re new to cycling, or if you just want to improve your road skills, you can book a private training session with a qualified instructor.

Cycling brings so many benefits for your social and professional life, health, money savings, and even for your community! Not to mention the positive impact on traffic and the environment. So why not give cycle training a try?

If you don’t own a bike, some places will loan you one for the session for a small fee, or you can ask a friend to loan you theirs and why not bring your friend with you for a bit of positive incentive?.

What will I learn

The sessions are flexible. They can be arranged at a convenient time and place that suits you and are available to all cyclists living in Bristol, Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire.

  • How to ride safely in any circumstance = such as road positioning, signalling and awareness
  • Help you develop advanced strategies for urban roads
  • Boost your confidence and ultimately improve the enjoyment of cycling

How it works

  • We arrange a one-hour accompanied cycle ride for your chosen journey
  • Often we help people plan, then try, their commute to work and back
  • The session includes time at the beginning and end to talk about the ride
  • You get a highlighted map of your route with annotated instructions to keep
  • It’s FREE in some places or heavily subsidised in others!

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