We have installed on-street bike pumps located around the Greater Bristol area to help keep you enjoying your ride.

These are regularly maintained and serviced by local businesses.

About the pumps

  • They’re permanent fixtures, bolted to the ground
  • They’re FREE and very easy to use
  • They work with both sizes of tyre valve
  • There’s a handy gauge to check tyre pressures

Why tyre pressure is important

  • It affects grip, comfort, safety and performance
  • Inflate to the recommended pressure (PSI) shown on the side of the tyre
  • Under-inflated tyres make your bike feel sluggish, it’s much harder work to pedal, tyres wear out more quickly and you increase your chances of getting a puncture
  • Over-inflated tyres are not so safe, your grip on the road is reduced and the ride becomes uncomfortable
  • It’s always best to check your pressure before you set out

Find your nearest pump

Report a fault

Please let us know as soon as possible, so we can get it fixed. Don’t forget to include its location!

  • Message us on Facebook or Twitter
  • Tell the local business responsible for its maintenance (details on the map below)