Multiple roads in Bath get 20mph speed limit

20 mph sign

20mph speed limits are being introduced along a number of roads in Bath as part of an ongoing effort by Bath & North East Somerset council to improve air quality, reduce the risk of accidents and encourage more walking, wheeling and cycling by making its roads safer for pedestrians.

The changes follow a consultation last November in line with the Government’s Gear Change plan, which set out actions required at all levels of government to create better, safer streets. The consultation received 141 responses, with 53% supporting the implementation of 20mph speed limits and a further 13% supporting in part.

Bath & North East Somerset council are currently in the process of introducing 20mph speed limits at the following locations: London Road, The Paragon, Cleveland Place, Bathwick Street, Sydney Place, Darlington Street, Beckford Road, North Road, Bathwick Hill, Widcombe Hill, Copseland, Prior Park, Ralph Allen Drive.

This is the first time 20mph speed limits have been used on busier roads outside of the city centre that predominantly carry through traffic.   

In total the changes affect around six miles of highway and approximately 140 new signs are being installed.  

The council have already begun replacing road signs and markings, due to the amount that need changing this will take place over the next to weeks, depending on weather.

In addition to a 20mph speed limit, Beckford Road will also see a separated cycle lane, improved crossings and junctions as part of ongoing Active Travel improvement works, due to finish this month.

Councillor Manda Rigby, cabinet member for Transport said:

Keeping our highways as safe as possible for everyone is a priority for us and reducing vehicle speeds on these roads will help with that.

We want these new speed limits to encourage more walking, wheeling and cycling as part of our Journey to Net Zero ambitions. Many of us are familiar with 20mph limits, which have been introduced in built up areas in towns and cities across the country and bring benefits to residents living in those areas.

Councillor Manda Rigby Cabinet member for Transport, BANES