Holiday Cycle training - Level 2 on-road training

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Life Cycle UK deliver accredited Bikeability cycle training courses to small groups of children during the summer school holidays.

Level 2 training is ideal for children in school years 5-7, who can cycle and control their bike well. You need a roadworthy bike and helmet to take part. Training begins off-road to check skills then quickly moves onto quiet local roads to build skills and confidence.

Level 2 training is being delivered over 2 x 3 hour sessions with twelve riders and two instructors.

When is the event

Tuesday 16th / Wednesday 17th August 2022
10am – 1pm both days

What to bring

Your child will need a roadworthy bike to use and a helmet to take part. . Please ensure they bring weather-appropriate clothing, we will be riding even if it’s raining. A small drink and snack if allowed. ,


Level 2 courses cost just £20 per child for children in school Years 5, 6 and 7.
If your child is at school outside Bristol the cost is £55 per child

Safety during COVID-19

Your child must be well and not suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms or living with anyone who is symptomatic. By booking training, parents are confirming that their child can understand and abide by social distancing rules and will follow the instructions of the course leaders; we reserve the right to terminate a session / course early if the course leaders feel it is in any way unsafe to continue.

How to book

Visit LifecycleUK to book your place
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