Clifton - Clevedon Charity Cycle Ride

The Clifton Clevedon Charity Cycle Ride is a 35 mile (or 20 miles with train options).

It’s a recreational ride aimed at friends and families seeking a great day out combining iconic bridges, piers, architecture, coast and countryside. It’s a lovely route suitable for all sorts of riders and may be started and/or finished in Clifton or Clevedon.

It’s a great local day out by bike, everyone’s welcome to give it a try, and it absolutely does NOT matter what anyone’s wearing clothes-wise or what type of bike they’re riding – FUN & LEISURE is the key to this event!

So join us and discover what these two great West Country locations have to offer!

CLIFTON TO CLEVEDON POSTER IMAGE showing sighs of clevedon

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To find out more visit Clifton To Clevedon Cycle
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