Landor – Public Health + Sustainable Transport Summit

Public health sustainable transport summit 2020 banner

Physical inactivity is the fourth leading risk factor for poor health.

Air pollution is responsible for more deaths than smoking, and zero-carbon policies are urgently needed to combat climate change. The solution? Healthy, active and sustainable travel options.

Prevention rather than cure is now the government’s public health priority, and policymakers and planners can make a significant difference to positive health outcomes through boosting the delivery of active travel and better public transport schemes.

“Physical activity is not currently being prioritised in government policymaking, particularly with regard to low spending on active travel. Increase the cross-departmental government budget for active travel to £20 per head”

British Medical Association

Why attend?

The Public Health & Sustainable Transport Summit brings together central and local government decision-makers to focus on practical best practice between the public health, transport planning and urban development sectors.