News on East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood

Bike hangar cycle storage

15 cycle hangars are set to be installed on 14 streets across the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood pilot area between Monday 4 and Friday 15 March 2024. 

Cycle hangars are lockable pods that each have space for six bikes, and they take up about the same amount of space as a single parked car. 14 of the hangars in this project will be placed on the road and one will be installed within a pedestrianised area. 

Notices will soon be going up to explain that you will not be able to park a vehicle in the marked-out area on the roads where a cycle hangars will be installed. 

The roads set to welcome a cycle hangar include: 

Barton Hill

  • Avonvale Road
  • Ford Street
  • Holmes Street
  • Lancaster Street
  • Mildred Street
  • Salisbury Street (x2)
  • York Street


  • Verrier Road
  • Victoria Avenue / Witchell Road

St George

  • Beaconsfield Road
  • Diamond Road
  • Hedwick Avenue
  • Northcote Road
  • Richmond Road

Bristol City Council recently door-knocked and posted flyers to all the properties near to the proposed locations of these 15 cycle hangars, to gather feedback about the locations and to let residents know how to register their interest in having a space in one of the hangars once they have been installed.

If you have already registered your interest, you will receive an email on 26 February inviting you to formally register your place. These will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis with extra consideration given to people who live on the same street as the hangar. 

Anyone who has not registered their interest yet but wants to do so, can formally apply for a space in one of the cycle hangars from 4 March 2024 on East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood cycle hangars web page which will be updated with a registration form. 

There will be many more cycle hangars installed on streets across Bristol later this summer as part of a regional project led by the West of England Combined Authority that Bristol City Council will be helping to deliver. 

The statutory consultation for the East Bristol Liveable Neighbourhood pilot has recently closed and we are going through the feedback. No decision about the scheme has been made yet and this cycle hangar project is separate from that process.