Network Rail to move temporary bike parking at Bristol Temple Meads

Close up image of bicycle D- lock

Works will begin in February and March, which will result in cycle parking on Friary for Bristol Temple Meads station is being moved to a new temporary location.

When the cycle parking was constructed a couple of years ago, Network Rail advised the current location on Friary was only a temporary arrangement, as the land was on loan to enable the station’s roof renovations to get underway. That contract is now up, and the landowner needs the site back for development.

Ultimately, most of the station’s bicycle parking will be located at the new Southern Gateway entrance, accessed via Bath Road, which is due to be built as part of the Temple Quarter programme. Unfortunately, Network Rail will need to make another temporary move for the bike racks.

Map: Bike racks move from Friary (red) to an area inside the car park behind the Midland Shed (green):


The temporary bike move will be completed over two phases, between mid-February and mid-March, as indicated below. This ensures ongoing provision throughout the transition to the new temporary bike park.

Phase 1 – (w/c 29 January – w/c 19 February) – Preparing for closure of racks E to J

  • Notice period starts (29 January 2024)
  • Cycle racks on the Friary will be labelled to indicate which will remain open through this first phase (A to D as per bikes poster 1), and which will close (E to J as per bikes poster 2)
  • Bikes on racks E to J will be tagged to ask owners to move them
  • Racks E to J will close and be removed w/c 19 February.
    • Any bikes left attached to these racks will be removed and placed into secure storage.
    • We can accept no liability for damage to locks.
    • If you left your bike on one of these racks and find it has been removed, please talk to a member of station staff to be reunited.
  • Racks A to D remain open on Friary for use until end of phase 2

Phase 2 Preparing for closure of racks A to D w/c 18 March tbc.

  • Cycle racks A to D on the Friary will be labelled to confirm their forthcoming closure.
  • New temporary bike park in car park behind Midland Shed opens w/c 18 March tbc
  • Bikes on racks A to D tagged to ask owners to move bikes to the new temporary bike park
  • racks A to D on Friary close